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Topband: Recent 160m Antenna Questions

Subject: Topband: Recent 160m Antenna Questions
From: Dave Court <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 11:26:37 +0000
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Dear All
I also use a 'low' tower to support an inverted L. This is 60 ft with a 
15 ft stub mast on which there is a tribander and VHF beams.

Recently mentioned on this list were slopers, inverted Ls and shunt 
feeding the tower. I have experimented with a half sloper on 160 m and 
came to the conclusion that 75ft with the sloper attached at 60 ft is 
too low at 160 m. It is possible to add a loading wire to the tower but 
I didn't have too much joy with that since the loading wire had to 
follow a similar direction to the horizontal part of the L.

Then to inverted Ls and shunt feeding. I've used the extended Inv L for 
many years, which I now use with 4 elevated radials. But a straight 1/4 
wavelength seemed to work OK as well and seemed to be less affected by 
other nearby antennas. My (probably mistaken) feeling was that an 
extended L would place the current portion further up the vertical 
section which would be preferential.

I've also thought about trying to shunt feed the tower but I am using a 
tilt over tower with antenna cables hanging down on two sides. Concerns 
are decoupling these rotator and feeder cables RF wise and ensuring a 
good connection between tower sections, without major engineering 

So in case it's back to inverted Ls (either extended or regular) it 
would also be nice to have views on the original question. What 
theoretically and practically appears to give the best results, the 
extended L or the quarter wavelength L.

73s Dave

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