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160M vertical

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Subject: 160M vertical
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Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 10:14:47 -0400
In a message dated 96-06-03 08:53:26 EDT, you write:
>> I'm planning on only one tower this summer....hope to put up a
>> 1/4-wave 160M vertical built from Rohn 25.  (I found a very good
>> deal on one Rohn 25 insulated section) thought I would do
>> the elevated radial thing.  (I've done it for my 80M 4-square, and
>> it works great there.  I used G-10 fiberglass rod for insulated
>> bases.)  I have on hand over half of the Rohn 25
>> sections I need, and I have literally miles of 2100 Philystan I
>> picked up for pennies when RFE went out of business.
>> If anyone has built a full-size 1/4-wave Rohn 25 160M vertical,
>> please email back to me.  I'd like to ask a few questions.

Hi, Glenn --

    Thanks for checking in.  First of all, you'll have to use a doubled 2100
Phillystran as the Rohn spec calls for 3/16 EHS (3990 pound strength); the
2100 won't cut it.

     Does your question have to do with the feed system more than the 25G
mechanical system?  This is a brand new reflector so not many participants
yet.  Are you on the Topband reflector?  Those are the guys that have the
most experience on big verticals so I would also post your question on there
as well.  

        Just follow the Rohn spec for construction and you'll be in good
shape.  BTW, can you give me more info on the G-10 material?  Where do you
get it, do you have to machine it, how is it to work with, strength, etc?  I
don't know much about it but it sounds like the way to go for a nice
insulated tower.  Thanks.

73,   Steve  K7LXC

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