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N connectors

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Subject: N connectors
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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 97 18:24:15 PST
Just thought this would be interesting..especially from one who has stayed away 
from N 
connectors like the plaque.

Was at HRO this morning to pick up a small 440 beam, and knew I would have to 
try N connectors
for the coax from the antenna to the hardline....

They have a NEW N connector which installs basically the same way a PL-259 
does...No fooling 
with brushes, washers, gasgets, ect.

BTW, does anyone know if a VHF/UHF reflector exists?

73, Ed

Name: Ed Sleight
To: <>
Date: 1/31/97
Time: 6:24:15 PM

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