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Tower Ratings - Stupid Question

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Subject: Tower Ratings - Stupid Question
From: (Wendell - W5FL)
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 14:13:37 -0600
Insurance Companies solved this problem easily in Texas.  Antennas and =
towers are not covered period.  You have to have a separate rider to =
cover them  if they will write it at all.  My TV antenna was damaged in =
a windstorm and they refused all coverage.  This was State Farm.  When I =
get the new tower and antenna up, I will try to add the coverage.

* As far as tower/antenna insurance claims, it is almost always covered
* either as a 'structure' or 'personal property'.  I've never seen an =
* company reject a tower/antenna claim, even for yagis installed in =
* BTW, I'm currently working on three claims from our recent exciting =

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