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Titanix vs. CTSVR vs. Hy-tower

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Subject: Titanix vs. CTSVR vs. Hy-tower
From: (Paul Christensen)
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 22:54:19 -0500
> 5/8th wave radiators have been known "forever" by the
> broadcast industry as the best for maximum FSM to
> the horizon,  at least that is what I have read. 

Hi Jim:

All other thing being equal, The 5/8 wave radiator develops more gain than
a half or quarter-wave single radiator.  However, since the 1920s, the
broadcast industry has long recognized the importance not of the 5/8 wave
radiator, but rather the 190-degree radiator (slightly more than half

Early broadcast installations utilizing 5/8 wave radiators were plagued
with the high-angle lobe that emanates from the radiator, thereby causing
skywave interference and skywave-to-ground wave phase cancellation at the
outer edges of the ground wave.

The 190-degree radiator was developed as a compromise gain antenna
(essentially the gain produced by a half-wave vertical radiator over a
ground plane) that maximizes all it's radiated energy toward the horizontal
plane, thereby nearly eliminating the skywave-generated lobe.  

Nearly all the big old-time clear channel powerhouse AM stations in this
country today utilize the 190-degree radiator.  

-Paul, W9AC  

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