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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ham Radio Legal Reflector Net
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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 97 23:18:55 EST
Sometime ago I thought that I had subscribed to another reflector, this one
dealing with problems facing us hams with legal problems relating to tower
installations and other problems dealilng with covenants, etc.

I have not seen anything recently from this reflector and wonder if it is
still in existense and/or how to reach it.

In a time of weakness (mine), my wife and I decided to purchase a new home.
I have now discovered that the township requires a setback of one foot for
each foot of tower heigth.  Since my lot is 50 x 130 feet, this would mean
that I can only have a tower 25 feet high...(if tower falls, it consequently
would fall within my property line).  I have a Rohn HDBX 48 presently.  Sure
would hate to convert it to a HDBX 24.  I of course will also contact ARRL.
I've had a few battles with cities before, but this one scares me.  Anyone
recall the name of the reflector I'm referring to??


Bill Haselmire   WX8S

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