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[TowerTalk] Testing guy terminations

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Testing guy terminations
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Date: Wed, 9 Apr 97 13:49:09 PDT
Steve, the one time I ran a so called "test" on wire grips was when I first
started using them. I hooked a pully to a LARGE limb of a tree and secured it
with 1/2" cable. I then ran the guy wire through the pully ( it has a center
pin which can be removed , and is rated at 4000 pounds ). Since I was in the 
process of building the base, I loaded the back of my pickup with with 2000 
pounds of ready mix..( 84 pound bags ) I then hooked the guy grip to the back 
the pickup, and hooked the other end to the front of my tractor. It took a 
little doing, but I lifted the back of the pickup about a foot of so off the
ground before I could no longer hold traction. Set the brakes, and let it hang
for about 6 hours. I imagine the total load on the guy was about 3000+ pounds.

Name: Edward W. Sleight
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Date: 4/9/97
Time: 1:49:09 PM

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