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[TowerTalk] Florescent Tube Interference.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Florescent Tube Interference.
From: (Dan Szymanski)
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 05:42:00 -0700
Balz wrote:
>          Florescent Tubes and their associated Interference are in 137% of
> all rooms here.
>         I'm looking for your Hints, Kinks and experience on how to eliminate
> or at least significantly attenuate the noise.
>         Replacement by incandescent fixture is probably the most effective
> but least practical solution.
>         I will summarize Hints / Experiences received direct to:
>                 WC3L / YB9 <
>         Thanks and 73,
>         John Balz
>         WC3L / YB9
>         East Timor
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I remember years ago while on active duty (US Navy) as a Communications
problems with florescent light fixtures.  In fact if my memory serves me
because of the fact they did create levels of RF interference, they were
permitted in operational areas used by Naval Security Group Activities. 
Over some
time floresent devices were installed but they were not the typical
$9.00 shop
devices you find at the local Home Depot or Builders Square.

The devices have the following mechinical considerations.

All metal construction.
Totally enclosed wrap around enclosures.
The diffuser panel fits tightly around bottom of fixture, and was
typically a hinged unit.
Early units in fact had diffuser panels with metal wires embedded in the
The AC input connection was through a internally mounted EMI/RFI AC
filter. This filter
was internal to the fixture.
All wiring to the device we had to provide when we installed had to be
done in EMT conduit.
If a flexible AC power connection had to be used then we used material
such as 
Greenfield or Liquid Tight Flex conduit to the fixture.

Twelve years ago, when I set up my radio operating station in my house I
fixtures mounted in the suspension grid of the ceiling.  I selected
light units
that were again all metal 100% wrap around enclosures and simply added a
EMI/RFI AC filter mounted in each of the fixtures.  I have not
experienced any
RFI problems..

Good luck with the project.

Dan Szymanski
Frederick, MD
Potomac Valley Radio Club

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