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Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 15:36:51 -0400 (EDT)
In a message dated 97-04-21 23:48:18 EDT, KK6T writes:

 I will begin house hunting in a couple of weeks.  Can someone give me
 a checklist of documents that need to be inspected and the easiest way
 to get access to these documents.  Should a lawyer who is experienced
 in this area be retained and what is a ballpark dollar figure for this
 kind of search?


There are a number of things to look at.  Of course, living in California
makes it a problem, especially since most of the "tract" housing includes
restrictive covenants.  My initial advice is to speak with one of
the ARRL Volunteer Counsel.  California is unusual in that attorneys are
not fully involved, if at all, in the purchase of the most expensive thing
you've ever bought in your life.  The realtors and title escrow agents 
handle all the work.  This is fine for the average buyer, but won't help
with the special situation of protecting yourself from covenants.  You need
to have a rider to the offer giving you an out if there are ccr's prohibiting
antennas...just like the rider that gets you out of the deal if you can't
qualify for a mortgage or the house fails inspection. Review of the 
ccr's, drafting a contract amendment, etc should not be a significant
additional expense in the purchase.  

I've drafted two versions of these type of riders, but they must be modified
by a local attorney familiar with real estate law in your jurisdiction.  I'll
send them to you if you promise to have them reviewed by an attorney
out there BEFORE you make any offer to purchase.  

73, Jim W9WU  ARRL VC, Central Division

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