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[TowerTalk] Aluminum Oxidation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Aluminum Oxidation
From: ke4rna@Traveller.COM (Donnie Murray (KE4RNA))
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 21:20:05 +0000
The acid that you are referring to is commonly called HF to people 
that use or are around it regularly. It's full name is hyroflouric 
acid. There's no doubt it will clean the aluminum, but it will also 
clean your flesh to the bone literally. This stuff seeks out 
calcium.When it comes in contact with flesh, it don't stop eating 
untill it is neutralized by the calcium of the nearest bone. Get the 
picture? A big bad burn. Use the dilluted stuff with extreme caution;
eye protection, rubber gloves, ect. Medics around chemical plants 
that use HF keep a good supply of calcium-gluconate cream on hand 
that is messaged into a burn, using rubber gloves, until the patient 
gets to the doctor. If you use this matierial, do so with caution. 
Keep a garden hose running water nearby in case of an accident. Be 
sure to flush a burn at least 15 mins then seek medical attention. 
Also, be sure to rinse all alluminum well after cleaning. All of this 
may make the Scotchbright pads more apealling.

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