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[TowerTalk] HDR-300A rotator questions (bit long)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] HDR-300A rotator questions (bit long)
From: (Carcia, Joe, NJ1Q)
Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 14:41:00 -0400
A few months ago, I purchased a new HDR-300A to replace an old HDR-300
I had in service.  (The 300A can be set for either North or South centered.)

The new rotor system had been functioning normally.  Recently, the display
on the control console was giving me erratic readings.  Finally, all
it reads now is -99 (telling me there is a possible problem with the rotor 

I determined that the potentiometer's wiper (pin 6) is open.  I get a 
reading between pins 5 and 7, but nothing from pins 5 to 6, or 6 to 7.  I 
no reading no matter which direction the rotator is spun.

Now, the old HDR-300 was sent to Hy-Gain for repair and upgrade to 300A 
When I got it back, I bench tested it, and it worked fine.  No problems. 
 (And yes,
the control console was also upgraded for either North or South centered.)

The now-overhauled HDR-300 was placed on a different tower, and was 
okay for a few days.  However, I now experience similar problems with this
old 300 as I do with the new 300A.  The only difference is that I get a 
reading between all the 300's pot's pins, but the control console still 
indicates a problem.
The resistance readings also do not jive with those in the manual.

(And, just to be sure, I switched between the two control consoles I have, 
and each
react the same way.)

I've already called Hy-Gain, and they tell me to check the wiring.  If 
that's okay,
and I still have a problem, I could send the unit(s) back.  Easier said than 

My questions:  Has anyone who has also purchased the new HDR-300A rotator
experienced similar problems, especially with the potentiometer?  If so, if 
you took
corrective action, what did you find useful--short of returning it to 
Hy-Gain of course?



Joe, NJ1Q

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