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Subject: [TowerTalk] yagi comments
From: (Frank T. Brady)
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 00:28:42 -0700
Dear subscribers,

I appreciate all the reponses to my yagi opinion survey.

The results boiled down to Force 12 and M2 as the "winning" candidates for
the 20m monobander.  There seems to be sharp disagreement about which of
those two is the best.

Today I learned (from M2) that there is very little risk of interaction
between the antennas IF the 40m yagi has "LINEAR LOADING" element design.
Therefore, I'm almost certain I want to vertically stack a 20m monobander (4
or 5 or 6 elements) and a 40m monobander (2 or 3 elements).  This allows me
to phase in the 2nd antenna when I get the money, experience, and ambition).

M2 recommends their biggest ($750) 20m monobander (4 elements is enough,
they say) and the Force 12 20m monobanders listed are 5 and 6 elements only
($865 and $1150 respectively).  The prices seem to be comparable, but there
was SHARP disagreement on whether or not the Force 12 construction is as
sturdy as the M2.

I guess the only important issues are whether or not the two are comparable
in gain and durability - if so, I can flip a coin or close my eyes and jab
out a selection.  If anyone has any further input on this, I'm all ears!

73s, and thanks again!

Frank - W0ECS

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