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[TowerTalk] ONV Safety Belt Query

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Subject: [TowerTalk] ONV Safety Belt Query
From: (Mark Shaum)
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 20:12:23 -0500
Thanks to all who replied to my question re: Rohn 25 takedown and gin
poles, etc.  I have a WB0W pole on the way, and also his small hydraulic
jack designed for tower section loosening.  While $40 more than the "Tower
Jack" T-lever advertised in QST, I like the idea of applying equal pressure
against all three legs that this jack is designed to do.  I'll certainly
report on actual experience after the fact!

About safety belts.. The ONV products are the only ones I have seen
advertised, and I have received  comments that they are quality products.  
I've had a couple TT Pros advise me to go with a full body harness, in that
it tends to make one feel considerably more secure topside.  And I need all
the warm fuzzy security I can find <grin>.  I'm a little confused with the
picture in the QST ad (July QST page 124) with the big D ring in the middle
of the chest area. No safety strap is illustrated. Do both ends of the
lanyard/strap fasten to this ring?  If not, where does the other/fixed end
fasten?  (Hopefully the folks at ONV can  help when I call tomorrow, but
you folks who have used these devices have better opinions!).    Is it
feasible to wear a separate belt/tool pouch with this sort of harness,
without straps getting in the way as arms unwind around the tower, back to
the pouch, etc.?  Also, the separately sold 3 foot "climbing lanyards", are
these separate from the main belt or whatever would come as part of the
primary harness?  Outside of a secondary connection between a D ring and
the tower, are they useful in general, as they are described as having a
single "gorilla hook" for belt attachment?  What's on the other end?

Pardon all the questions.  If I can make myself feel half as secure as I've
made the XYL feel, I'll be in good shape.  

We plan on tilting the system over this weekend to remove the TET yagi, and
possibly the 15 ft 1 5/8 pipe mast.  The rotor sits far enough down in the
tower that the minimal distance I'll need to climb above the hinge to
loosen the rotor to mast bolts will give me a good idea as to how secure
the system is going to be when takedown weekend arrives.

73! - Mark

Mark Shaum  K9TR
Central Illinois Grid EN50

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