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Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 13:52:21 -0400 (EDT)
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<< >Hi All,
 >While I am not a professional tower worker, I have worked in the oil
 >fields for many years and have
 >done tower work for pay while working for a Motorola shop. Never very
 >high, 150' is about the max,
 >but that's high enough to hurt!! And so is 30' or even 5'. How many
 >people do you know that have
 >broken ankles and knees just slipping off the last rung of a ladder?? 
 something to think about: Ive got a friend who's a paramedic. I was looking
 through his training manuals, and found a guide about calling in medevac
 helicopters. One time this should be done, said the manual, is if someone's
 fallen from a height of 15 feet or above and is unconscious. That's alot
 shorter distance than I thought, and I'm sure many folks arent aware of how
 serious this is considered by medical professionals.
 Always attach yourself to the tower when climbing. I actually worked out a
 formula for determining your speed (in mph) falling from a height of less
 than 485' (when you reach terminal...literally...velocity) (yeah, go ahead
 tell me ive got too much time on my hands). v=5.5[(H)E(0.5)] where H is the
 height in feet and E(0.5) means to take the square root. This is also an
 argument for wearing your seat belt since at 55 mph in an accident you hit
 your steering wheel at the same velocity as you would falling off a 100'
It's usually not the fall that gets you,
It's the sudden stop at the bottom.

I always wear my safety belt, even if only up one rung of the tower. THis way
you have both hands to work with.
Skip, KJ6Y
Communications Service co.

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