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[TowerTalk] Pulling coax in conduit

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pulling coax in conduit
From: (Dan Szymanski)
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 23:38:50 -0700
Charlie Summers wrote:
> Hello to all!
> I have a 300 foot run of 2 inch PVC well casing that I buried.  I placed
> 4 cables in it before I cemented the 20 foot sections together but I
> also included a nylon rope for pulling future cables.  I have a feeling
> this small nylon rope wound around as the other cables were pushed
> through so that it may be impossible to pull another cable although the
> conduit is fairly empty.
> I could always tie a larger rope on the small rope and pull it through,
> thus changing the pull line.  That is an option but the basic problem
> remains.
> My question is does anyone know if electrical fish tape is practical for
> use in a very large conduit 300 feet long?  Where does one get this
> stuff if it can be used.
> What I am aiming for is to put 600 feet of that double braided 3/16"
> nylon through that pipe.  Then I have enough to pull from either end.
> Any suggestions?
> 73,
> Charlie, W0YG..>>

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It has been my experience that most electrical fish tapes are at best
200 ft in length.  Because of this length the size of the tape is
generally limited to 1/8 inch in width.  This is based on the fact
that the National Electric Code specifies that electrical conduit runs
have a pull box not exceed 200 feet.  So much for the National Electric
Code as it really doesn't apply here.  Anyway the tape is very whippy
and in a rather small conduit with cables inside I would guess that and
the first tight turn the tape encountered, it (the tape) would jam on
you anyway.

What you really are looking for is a duct rod.  Used by the telephone
utilities, these are made of fiberglass wound on rather large reels.

I would suggest looking at your "freiendly" Graybar Outlet or
someone in Telecommunications (Outside Plant) business.

These items are not cheap and you might get a little timid about 
really wanting to purchase one for a one time deal like this.

However, I bought one for a use on work related projects from a
suppilier around the Dayton/Columbus area.  It was 400 foot in length,
every bit of 5/16 to 3/8 of a inch in diameter with markings every foot
on the rod.  

Normally you rod the conduit first (empty) put in your pull line
and you have a pretty close measurement as to how much cable you
need in going from point A to point B.  In the real world you next run a
mandral through the counduit to make sure there is no crushed or
restricted sections in the conduit. Normally these are cable
vaults, and these rods can be obtained well in excess of 1000' in over
all length. They can also run into some good size diameters as well.

Anyway, as I recall, the 400' rod with the reel and everything else 
ran about $700.00 +/-...

But the technology is there, so are the devices

Happy cable pulling. GRUNT GRUNT!!

Dan Szymanski
Frederick, MD

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