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[TowerTalk] 25G anticlimb panels and guy wire bashprotection

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 25G anticlimb panels and guy wire bashprotection
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 15:30:49 -0500

Your idea sounds fine to me....but I don't like the weight of the plywood.
There is already a lot of weight on the bottom section and adding plywood to
it makes me a little nervous.  Plywood needs to be painted and that adds
more weight and if it gets soaked in the rain...even more weight.  May I
suggest some different material.  1/8" Masonite.  It could be heavy also and
it does take on water unless you seal the sides and ends with paint.
Or...aluminum or galvanized sheet metal.  The only thing you have to worry
about here is that it fits well within the legs of the 25G.  I think more
than a couple of fasteners on the side would be called for.  The aluminum
would be the lightest and for the most part low maintenance.  The galvanized
steel (sheet metal) could also work, but the aluminum would be lighter.

As far as the guy or yellow flags....little fences and such
work to a point.  I had some screw in anchors for years when my kids were
little and they knew not to go over there.  In fact, they were scared to
death of the tower and when daddy climbed it.  (So was I..and I'm the daddy!)

I have 7 foot posts - 6" wide - filled with concrete - in a yard of concrete
for guy posts now.  Painted them forest green and no really notices them.
Been keep ing watch for two years for bulging up, but they show no sign of

Just some thoughts on your plan.... and it is sound....I just don't like the
material you're using.



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