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[TowerTalk] WB0W Gin Pole and related adventures

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Subject: [TowerTalk] WB0W Gin Pole and related adventures
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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 08:28:48 -0400 (EDT)
In a message dated 97-07-16 05:41:21 EDT, you write:

> Both of the climbers were experienced in tower work, and
>  both had excellent comments about the WB0W pole.  Easy to
>  attach/detach clamp, and very smooth sliding of the pole
>  portion through the mast.  The 2 inch 6061 quarter inch
>  wall mast (12 ft) may also be stronger than the Rohn pole.

Hi, Mark --

    Thanks for your comments on the WB0W. I've got one and use it for hefty
jobs like bigs masts, 55G, etc. If you are supplying the mast for this
ginpole, I would suggest that you  make the aluminum pipe 15 feet long
instead of 12. If you've ever used a 12 foot Rohn ginpole, you know that it
won't handle anything longer than 10 feet. Making the ginpole tube 15 feet
allows you to hoist big masts (up to 24 feet). 

   My main criticism is that the ginpole is damn heavy. Because of that, I
still use the Rohn ginpole for stacking 25G and 45G sections.

    One modification that I did make was to change the sheave (pulley) in the
roosterhead from a round doughnut piece of steel to a grooved sheave. The
steel doughnut is (what else) heavy plus it allows the rope to rub against
the inside of the roosterhead. The finish is pretty rough in there and will
accelerate wear of your haul rope.

   If any ginpole manufacturers or designers are interested, would it be too
much to ask to add a hook or something into which you can clip a carabiner or
something else for hauling the ginpole up or down the tower on the haul rope?
I've never seen a ginpole with one and lord knows it would be handy. 

>  Safety note.. dropped tools can present a large danger area
>  around the base.  A socket wrench was dropped, rebounded
>  off of one of the quarter inch EHS guys and landed 30 feet
>  from the base.  Keep the ground crew well back.  This led
>  to my Saturday night attachment of 2 foot ropes and clip-on
>  clamps to all the tools I figured I would need for my #25
>  take down project, so they could be clipped to the tower at
>  the appropriate work level.  That worked well, but I didn't
>  take the process far enough. 

     A good idea if you've got the dropsies. My suggestion is to really
concentrate on what you're doing and plan ahead a couple of steps
anticipating what tools and materials you'll be using. Then make a REAL
EFFORT to not drop anything. It's not only dangerous like you said but also
it's bad form. A good tower hand will rarely drop anything - maybe a couple
of times a year, or less.

73 and safe climbing,  Steve  K7LXC

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