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[TowerTalk] Solving Powerline RFI II

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Solving Powerline RFI II
From: (Billy W. Cox Jr.)
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 15:04:42 -0700
Well, I have 'spotted' a couple of "noisy poles"
using the "sniffer" from a QST article of a
few years back. It and the directional
antennas here are in agreement ....

I've contacted the local private CO-OP
that provides the service and have a firm
date for them to 'come visit' and see/hear.

Our 'agreement' from years past was basically
"I find - You fix" as they did not/would not
investigate the problems due to budget/time/
what ever reasons ... There have been some
"people changes" so I am now starting over
with them as to 'who does what' ...

So I have done my part, now it's their turn. To
me (a less than laymen of this stuff) it sure
seems like "loose hardware" as a 16 ounce
(not pound) hammer tapping at the suspect
poles base will make the RFI on the rcvr
either go away, or break up as you strike
the pole ... NO, I didn't try a large sledge
hammer to see if that might "cure" it ...

There are some "power line professionals"
lurking on here ... Anything in particular
to "suggest" be examined on the local
visit from the CO-OP ? These folks are
trying to be nice and supportive, they
just don't seem to know what to do as
to solving HF-powerline-RFI problems ...
(No slam intended in the above line)

Lines/poles here are at least 20-25+ years old
if that helps identify the 'type of hardware'
that might be in use out here in the country.

Suggestions please ... ???

TU !
73/bc/NU Billy AA4NU

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