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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 10:38:56 -0400 (EDT)
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> 1. Rent a crane with a long enough boom to grab it above the center of
>  gravity, take a strain, disconnect the guywires and lay it over. Some work
>  with an impact wrench and it's in pieces ready to be loaded on my
>  snowmobile trailer, or
>  2. Attach two cables above the center of gravity (actually, a sheave with
>  long cable running through). Each cable to a two-and-half ton truck. One
>  two tending lines on the other side of the tower. Detach the guy wires and
>  slowly lower the tower by moving the trucks toward the base.
>  Questions:
>  Option 2 saves me some money since the trucks and cables are already on
>  site. Is anyone familiar with the "articulated knuckle" bottom piece, and
>  will it hold during the lowering process? We will be very careful not to
>  put rotational torque on the tower while loading. Additionally, the bottom
>  of the tower can be restrained with a safety chain in the event the
>  does give way.

    I'd go for the crane every time; it should only run a couple of hundred
bucks, is 100% safe and will place the tower safely on the ground. 

    While Option 2 sounds reasonable, I'm not too crazy about it personally. 

      I think a ten foot section weighs about 80 pounds (110#?), might be a
little more.
>  Any other advice, caveats or cautions are gratefully accepted.

     Removing any used, unknown tower is about the most dangerous activity in
which you can participate. I'd recommend being leery of EVERYTHING. 

73 and be careful,  Steve   K7LXC

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