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Subject: [TowerTalk] Aztec Balun
From: (Tyler Stewart)
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 10:22:22 -0400
Kenneth D. Grimm wrote:
> Somehow I missed this one.  In the Instruction Manual for my new Force
> 12 antenna there is reference to the Aztec balun.  Who makes this?  How
> much does it cost? How is it different from the W2DU balun?  The manual
> suggests that the W2DU can add significantly to the length of the driven
> element whereas the Aztec doesn't affect it as much or at all.  Anyone
> help on this?  I've got a couple of W2DUs that I was planning on using
> on the EF-420/240, but now I'm thinking I might just roll up some coax
> to use as chokes at the feedpoints.
> 73,
> Ken K4XL
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It's a high quality current balun made by Aztec RF, which is K6RA.  I'm
using one on my 402CD and it's been trouble free for 2 years now and did
not affect resonant frequency, although it may have broadened my 2:1
bandwidth as it's at least 250 kc on this antenna/balun combo.  They are
highly rated, especially for the lower bands.  

I've seen his ad somewhere, but dont remember exactly where.

73, Ty K3MM

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