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[TowerTalk] Tower info--"Duty to inform"

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower info--"Duty to inform"
From: (Barry Kutner)
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 23:46:13 +0000
On  3 Feb 98, <> wrote:

>     I guess that's why TowerTalk is such a valuable forum for these topics. We
> CAN talk about them.
This may change some day in the not too distant future. There is 
presently a lawsuit in the courts dealing with who is liable for 
presenting misinformation at a conference. In this particular case it 
was a medical (orthopedic) conference. I don't know all the details, 
as it isn't my field - Some plate/screw device used to help bones 
heal was used in some unconventional manner ( and caused harm to a 
patient) from data presented at a conference. Besides the surgeon 
involved, also named in the suit are the manuafacturer of the device 
AND the organization that held the conference (in this case, the 
American College of Orthopedic Surgeons, or something like that). 
They are claiming that it is the conference organizer's 
responsibility to validate all material presented.

Just think... If the conference organizer is held liable, K7LXC 
(and W4AN?) could be held liable for any misinformation posted on 
this reflector, leading to harm.

%$#@#$#@%ing lawyers!

73 Barry
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