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[TowerTalk] Mosley antennas - Warning: Strong Language

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mosley antennas - Warning: Strong Language
From: (Gus VO1MP)
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 23:59:28 -0330

> > The bigger question is - why are you putting up a big Mosley
> > Have you already purchased it or are contemplating it?Just
about any other
> > antenna out there will be a better performer.
>        I've had several inquiries into my comment on Mosley
antennas. As you
> could tell, I'm not a big fan of them. My opinion is that they
don't work very
> well. Good SWR? Yes. Robust construction? Sure. Performance?
Not that great.
As a former Mosley user I really think there  are  good things to
be said about SOME of the
Mosley line.
I do agree with the consensus that they are  sturdily built,
around here they seem 
to be the only HF antenna that will consistently stand up to the
combination of wind and ice.
I have used the ta33 jr.    and would rate it poor on 15 and 20
and fair maybe 4 to 5 dB gain 
on 10 but then on a 12 foot boom that's all you really can
I have used A classic 36  a  Pro 37  and a classic 33 in the
mosley line and can compare their
performance to a TH6DXX ,  the classic 36 or the pro37 do not
match the TH6DXX, and in fact for all that additional aluminum
does not seem to buy you anything over the Venerable Classic 33
 My experience with  the Classic 33 has been very favorable.
In fact as an avid contester this antenna was part of my station
during the 80's when I won the ARRL
dx low power category for North America for three consecutive
years. I hardly think this is rotatable
dipole performance !
It's three element design on an 18 ft boom compares favorably to
a hy-gain 203ba on  a 16 foot boom. 
The antenna worked very well on 15 and 10 . 
I have also tried it side by side against a 204 at abt 14degrees
and switching from one to the other
was not really a quantum leap.It really did not lose by much.
Today it has found a new life as a converted three element
monobander on 15 where 
it still plays very well (no traps of course).
It is quite apparent that it is not a practical proposition to
try to optimize the performance of seven or eight elements on a
24 foot boom for five bands everything suffers.
Even though Mosley does not recommend altering the spacing or
element dimensions of it's
classic 33 , the forward gain and front to back can be enhanced
considerably on 20 meters
by a little experimentation , 17 ft boom with cw settings shows
better FB and more gain 
unfortunately it is not possible to have them at the same points,
and the bandwidth will deteriorate significantly, however if you
are strictly cw as I used to be it was worth it.

Just some first hand observations from an old Mosley Classic 33
fan IMHO the best  all round
3 element tribander ever made.( Mosley said my cheque is in the
mail ) .

Gus VO1MP     

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