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[TowerTalk] The dumb kid returns.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The dumb kid returns.
From: (Mike)
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 04:29:53 +0000
Well my idea of multiple monobanders, christmas tree style was kinda shot
down, as was my muliple monos on a single boom. So now I return with
another question to moisten the mind.

I have decided that the future antenna will have NO TRAPS!(sorry can't get
the letters any bigger)

Here is where I am...Force 12 C4SXL or 3-4 element 5 band QUAD or ???

The problem lies in if I buy the Quad what do I do for 40?
and If I buy the Force 12 how is the performance, because as I read it it
only has 2 elements on 20 meters, or am I incorrect there also?
The ??? represents a somewhat open mind...any suggestions???

The tower I plan on putting up will either be a 55 or 72 footer, probably
more like a 55 foot (This will be a later chapter, I know I am backwards,
but that is how we are in CA).
The antenna decision will more than likely make the tower decision.

Now does anyone have a preference either way. Hopefully someone that has
used both, or similiar. 
Suggestions, questions, comments and other are appreciated.
Mike...NO6X (a.k.a. the Dumb Kid)
#1 World 1997 WPX SSB Rookie

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