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[TowerTalk] FREE Software....Grey line Maps> "GeoClock"

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FREE Software....Grey line Maps> "GeoClock"
From: (Roger L. Elowitz)
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 23:59:45 -0500
Hi Gang,

I'm still snowbirding in sometimes sunny Sunrise, FL and reading the mail every 
day. I've recently been reading about queries for a "Grey line globe."  I also 
noticed that one is available for "only" $325. I have no wish to disparage 
anyone who has the money to burn for one of these beauties.... or for that 
matter the $1000 world map advertised in some of the magazines that shows the 
shifting day/night line and it's changing shape with the seasons..... however, 
perhaps I'm grossly mistaken that all, or most of you don't know about a 
fantastic little program that runs on your computer that does exactly the same 
thing..... and is totally FREE!!!!  Yes!  I said the four letter "F" word. 
Please forgive my slip of the tongue.

I thought every ham knew about "GeoClock." I love this program so much I even 
paid to register it and get all manner of really neat maps to go with it along 
with the changing time clocks for all those places of the world. Here's what 
their website has to say about the program.......

"GeoClock shows the current time (based on your computer's clock) with a high 
quality map of the earth. The current sun position is displayed, and the parts 
of the earth in sunlight and twilight are highlighted. This display is 
automatically updated every few seconds. Local sunrise, sunset, the sun's 
azimuth and elevation, and times around the world are also displayed. A variety 
of map backgrounds and other options are available. A graphics adapter and hard 
disk are required. GeoClock is an EGA-VGA-SVGA program operating in the 16 
color mode.

GeoClock is distributed as shareware. The registered versions include the zoom, 
distance measuring, and city time display functions, and at least 40 maps. The 
GeoClock RBBS can be reached at (703) 241-7980, with modem settings of N-8-1"

The program can be downloaded from this website:

Now I don't work for this company and I receive no compensation or remuneration 
from them. I love their software and think every DX'er does or should have it.

One of the really nice features of the program is that it instantly shows you 
which way to find True...N..O.R..T....aaaah  I can't say it.  It's just too 

Have fun guys.

Roger Elowitz, K2JAS
Still puzzling how someone who is retired can be "on vacation!"

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