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[TowerTalk] Re: Long mast, intermediate bearing

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Long mast, intermediate bearing
From: (Henry G Chapoton)
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 08:58:49 -0500
     I don't think you want to hook your tram line to the mast unless it's 
     a real small beam on a short tower.  There is a LOT of tension on that 
     line. Hook it to a tower leg at the top of the tower.  If the tower is 
     guyed, remove one guy (loosen the other 2 a bit) and let the tram line 
     (I used 3/16 EHS for a tram line) be a temp guy.  When you get the ant 
     up there, hang it from the tower, relocate the tram, move the pully up 
     on the mast and then pull the ant UP.  If you do tram on the mast, 
     consider a couple back guys on it.
     I found it very handy to put a rotor shelf a couple feet above the 
     rotor.  It will keep the mast relatively vertical when the rotor is 
     pulled.  Also, a muffler clamp SECURELY fastened to the mast will 
     allow the mast to sit there while a) pulling rotor b) installing top 
     ant on mast before raising mast to full height, etc.  If you want to 
     keep the mast from rotating, use a piece of angle stock to secure the 
     clamp to the rotor/accessory shelf.
     Note that most thrust bearings are NOT designed to hold the vertical 
     weight of your antenna/mast.  A good way to lose your toes.
     Also, I feel it is better to get that rotor down further than 5' from 
     the top.  Go to the bottom rung of the top section, 8' or so.

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