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[TowerTalk] New Antenna Farm Plan de N4KG

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New Antenna Farm Plan de N4KG
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 07:09:39 -0600
N4KG   Antenna Farm Plan

TOWER   1 -  35 to 40 ft.    with  tribander or 5 band HF Yagi
(10,12,15,17, 20M)

        Everyone is tired of hearing me extoll the virtues of LOW
        but it is TRUE, that when the sun is up, LOW antennas often beat
        out bigger and higher antennas on the high bands.  IMHO,
        should have a low antenna that rotates to cover all 5 high bands.
        35 to 40 ft high antennas will cover ALL of the higher angles
        are supported during daytime MUF peaks.  (Look at  the  TH11,  
        Force 12 - 5BA,  or BIG tribander  (C31XR, TH7, X9, Butternut ?
        plus WARC antenna).

TOWER  2  -  160  ft  of  Rohn 45 or 55  guyed at  40, 80, 120, 160 ft.

        The low bands benefit from HIGH antennas, especially when the 
        MUF is low.  An 80M dipole at 150 to 200 ft is a KILLER antenna.
        BIG  40M beams are a BIG pain to install, maintain, and rotate.
        Small STACKED  2L40's at 160 / 80 ft give BIG performance with
        less investment.   The top antenna could be a combined 2L80/2L40
        or simply mount an 80M rotary dipole above (or in the middle of)
        the 2L40.   A pair of 80M inverted vee's at right angles is a low
        effective alternative which enables instant direction change
        you have the room to tie off the ends (or friendly neighbors).

        Tribanders (or 5 banders) at 40 and 120 ft.   The second lobe
        a 120 ft high band antenna falls in the middle of the vertical
        of the 40 ft antenna, giving useful high angle coverage as well
        low angle coverage, but there IS a gap in coverage which the low
        antenna will fill nicely.   WARC band antennas can be mounted
        10 ft above most tribanders.

        Ring Rotors or side-mounted swinging-gate arrangements are a

TOWERS  3, 4, 5, etc.

        If you still want MORE, then you can start putting up single band
        stacks.  GOOD  2 antenna stacks can be installed nicely on R25
        4 or  5L10's at 40 / 60 ft      

        3 or 4L15's  at  40 / 70 ft

        3 or 4L20's  at  40 / 90 ft.    

        2L40  at  80 to 100 ft.   (Best height for afternoon / evening
                             after sunrise operation on 40M)

        The top antennas would rotate and the bottom antennas could
        be fixed on Europe.  Get an Upper / Lower / Both switchbox.
An 80M  4 - square makes a nice addition.  Top loaded 40 ft verticals are

        nearly as effective as full size and much easier to manage.

A  160M  shunt fed vertical can be made using a 90 ft tower top loaded
        with a Yagi.  Other possibilities include an inverted vee or
        vertically polarized Delta Loop supported by the 160 ft tower.

de  Tom  N4KG

        Gee, this makes me want to start looking for 10 acres of cleared
        and start over!   (Well, maybe I'll sit and think about it again.

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