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Subject: [TowerTalk] high water table
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 21:00:53 -0400
Other than being a real pain in the rear - working in the water, that is -
them moist  shovel fulls getting mighty heavy, and all....I wouldn't worry
about it.

When you have the redimix placed it will push any standing water out of the
hole, don't commiserate over standing water, the only major downside of it
will be erosion.  Standing water is a standard scenario for us Floridians! 
You see our water table is usually "right there".  Prep a spillway leading
away from your hole so that the displaced water has a pathway...i.e.: dig a
trench for the water to the redimix fills the hole the
displaced water will have a route to someplace lower....have this done
first...before the truck gets there.

If anything, residual moisture may serve to enhance the strength of the
concrete...part of the determination of how strong concrete becomes is
related to how long it stays wet.  This is actually very critical in the
early stages of curing which is why you will frequently see commercial
sites where there are guys doing such things as putting straw/hay down on
recently poured concrete and then proceeding to hose it down...keeping it
moist for a long time is a good thing.

If I remember my materials of construction course correctly, the ultimate
strength concrete would NEVER fully cure but be curing forever.  The longer
it takes to cure the stronger it being moister longer means
it should become stronger.

Seeing as you are on the Ocean I imagine you will be loud on the low bands
into EU...another W1 next door to EU....oh well.


Jim, K4OJ

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