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Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 10:42:02 EDT
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> I just bought a new gin pole. I have used a Rohn ginpole for many, many
>  years and it has given me good service. However, I was impressed with the
>  WB0W ginpole and bought one at the HamCom convention in Dallas. 

    I've got the Rohn and the WB0W one. Gaylen's is REALLY heavy. For stacking
25G or 45G sections, I prefer the Rohn but for bigger jobs (big masts, 55G,
etc.) I grab the WB0W. The WB0W will handle 55G easily where the Rohn one is
marginal. People use it but the factory says 25G/45G ONLY. 
>  I didn't buy the ginpole mast because it was 12 feet long and I would have
>  had to figure out a way to tranport it 200 miles away to my Austin QTH. So
>  I found the exact same mast (T6061-1) at a local metal distributor in
>  Austin for $5/foot. So I paid $60 for the mast and only had to carry it
>  about 10 miles to my QTH. The distributor said this was a very common size
>  of tubing (2 inch OD with 0.25 inch wall thickness).

     The other nice thing about providing your own ginpole mast is that you
don't have to stick with the 12 foot length of the Rohn. If you've ever tried
to drop in a 20+ foot mast with the Rohn, a 12 foot ginpole mast just doesn't
have the reach to do it. I use a 15 foot ginpole mast on the WB0W and it'll
handle a 24 foot mast - the longest you can get in one length. It simplifies
the whole process and lowers the "pucker factor" significantly. 

     Gaylen can be reached at 800-626-0834 or or (I'm not sure which is the most current). Be sure to tell him I
sent you - he'll take care of you. 

Cheers,  Steve  K7LXC

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