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Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 09:34:09 EDT
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> Because Philystran (no "d")  does NOT handle abrasion very well.
>  I have used 3/8 inch nylon rope to raise / lower heavy masts (>100 lb).
>  It stretches it pretty tight but did the job.  Surely 1/2 inch nylon rope
>  would be adequate for raising Rohn 55 sections.  Check with your 
>  rope supplier for the acceptable working loads.

I don't know, Tom. I've stacked a lot of Rohn 55 and would not be comfortable
with 1/2" nylon at all. I recommend 3/4" Polydacron.

When Phillystran was Philadelphia Resins, they made a syntheic rope just for
use in pullys. I don't know if it still is made, but it was expensive. Bottom
line, as Tom said, Phillystran was NOT made for this application.

Tom, K5RC/7
On the Comstock

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