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Subject: [TowerTalk] need admin
From: (Michael D. Ihry)
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 11:04:20 -0500

Mike, N5KB, has been doing the list admin chores for the past few months

and Mike is running short on time these days.  I am looking for a new
admin for TowerTalk.  BTW... thanks Mike.

What does the admin do?

The list admin takes care of questions from the public.  He also takes
care of subscribing or mostly unsubscribing people from the list.
this is a result of someone turning off their email account and not
unsubscribing.  That results in a bounced mail message to the list owner

every time a message is sent to the list.  This job is 80% of what the
list owner does every day.  When I was doing it for this list, it
took about 30 minutes of my day.

The list owner communicates with the list program through email.  The
program is called Majorordomo.  It's a unix program.   There are very
Tutorials on how to remotely admin a majordomo list via email.  If you
unix person, I can also set you up with an account on this box and you
admin it directly.

What are my expectations?

This list is probably the most active list I have seen in ham radio.  As

such, it tends to get a lot of inappropriate posts.  Many of these posts

can be bounced to the admin of the list for approval.  The approval
process is very easy.

I expect whoever takes this job to not let this list go in to
I think most users appreciate a bit of restraint in a list that
so much email already.  I want to keep this list focused on the topic.
However, I don't think 100% moderation is necessary.  But at this point
may be just as easy.

What do you get out of it?

Absolutely nothing.  No glory, mostly grief.  It's a thankless job that
everyone on this list benefits from, and virtually nobody recognizes or
appreciates.  Just ask Mike.

So, now that I've really talked up this position...  if you are
interested, drop me an email.  If you volunteered last time, and I said
would get back to you... sorry.  I lost a hard drive with all my old
on it.


Bill, W4AN

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