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Subject: [TowerTalk] hoisting cables
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 07:32:03 -0400
Good day all;
I seem to have "blown" my juno folders and files regarding wire rope,
some expert advice would be appreciated.
The Steel City ARC (W3KWH) is in the process of restringing and
rejuvenating some tilt over and telescoping towers.
Some questions that have arisen are:

What is the major difference between "wire rope" and "aircraft" cable? It
seems to me that aircraft cable would require the survivability of
flexing many, many more times than the occasional use that is required on
a tower operation. It's hard for me to believe that the big, bad boy
lifting machines use aircraft or stainless cables.

Do we typically consider the safe working load to be 10 percent of the
claimed breaking strength of the cable? Is that about the same rule of
thumb that is used in prestressed guy wires? I do know hoisting cable and
guy wires are two different animals, I've had my knuckles rapped by both.

Is stainless worth the cost differential for longevity verses lowered

It seems as though I have seen all of the above before and filed it for
just this need but I managed to loose it in the computer as well as the
memory bank between my ears!!

Aint these "golden" years wonderful? Thanks from an old greyhaired guy.

73 de Nate, W3SVJ, in Pittsburgh where it's not so smokey anymore and we
don't really have a drought with our three fat rivers. Try and tell that
to the politicians.

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