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[TowerTalk] Back On Topic -- Are These Parts OK for a Rohn

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Back On Topic -- Are These Parts OK for a Rohn
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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 11:49:47 EST
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> From what I have seen the last few days on this SIG. I wouldn't buy a 
>  Rohn tower. If that many people have experienced that much 'shoddy' 
>  workmanship, I'll spend my money somewhere else. 

       Where would you spend it and what would you spend it on? If you need a 
guyed tower, Rohn is the 800 pound gorilla - there really isn't anything else 
competitive. While there are many other tower manufacturers, none of them 
have the array of amateur oriented accessories, availability or reasonable 
pricing that Rohn does. Other than an occasional production problem like 
this, they really are the only guyed towers worth buying and installing. 

Cheers,   Steve  K7LXC

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