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[TowerTalk] TicRing vs. Side Mount

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TicRing vs. Side Mount
From: (JayTerleski)
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 12:44:46 -0600
My previous post had some folks question my statement, which I poorly
worded as follows:

JayTerleski wrote:
> The issue is the breaking force of the rotor to handle the load in the
> wind.  I would not use a small rotor.

I meant the BRAKE in the rotor can be torqued so hard that smaller
rotors will fail like stripping gears, or busting the brake part itself
if the wind force is high enough. The Tail Twister seems to hold the 20m
33' boom well. 

K0XG,Richard- sent a message also stating that he has a large rotor that
will fit my rotor shelf.  
I will investigate it with him to see if we can mate it perfectly for
the user.

Other large rotors like the Orion, and Big Boys will also fit.

Jay Terleski
WX0B - Array Solutions
Phased Arrays - Horizontal and Vertical
RF Switches, Antennas, Towers

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