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[TowerTalk] A Tower accessory

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Subject: [TowerTalk] A Tower accessory
From: (LEE R. WICAL)
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 06:42:32 -1000
Dear Towersters:
        Recent several e-mails herein spoke about a wrench.
        This reminded me to share a tool recommendation with the gang here.
        It is a STANLEY TOOLS MaxGrip #85-610 locking adjustable wrench. It is 
tools in one-locking pliers & adjustable wrench.
        In other words it is a Cresent (tm-by another company) wrench with a
locking handle, like those found on Vise-Grip (tm-of still another company).
        Advantage, it reduces slippage, prevents rounding of nuts and it protect
your knuckles (not noted by Stanley Tools, but we all know the feeling)
plus a convienient release. 
        Can be checked at:

        Sources: LOWE's Hardware has then. I found mine (I bought two) at Home
Depot. I don't hold either company's stock, nor was paid by them for my
thoughts on this wonderful wrench. BTW, Stanley Tools does not take direct
order at their 1-(800) number.
        Happy Trails,

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