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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 09:32:10 EST
I have a US Tower TX-455 crank-up / fold over that I installed single 
(I do contests in the unassisted catagory and didn't want to take a chance.)

The ground here is very good to dig into - no rocks, very few roots.
I dug the hole using a sharpshooter (thin, long shovel), a posthole digger 
(to get the dirt out of the hole), a shovel without the handle (for the 
bottom), a bucket and a ladder. Also had the XYL check on me fairly often to 
be sure I didn't bury myself.

I busted the ground up and squared the edges with the sharpshooter. Removed 
the earth with the posthole digger, shovel and bucket. And even got a few low 
spots in my yard filled in with the dirt from the hole as a bonus.

It only took 3 or 4 days (long days) to dig the hole -- many were impressed 
how square it was (including the guy in the concrete truck).

This was a LOT of HARD work!  I wanted to do another one when I finished!
Makes you feel pretty good to complete a job that most everyone else says 
can't be done. My buds were adamant that I should get a backhoe or auger -- 
the logic being that you can't dig a hole that deep and narrow by hand.

The only bad news for the entire project was that the concrete truck really 
left some big ruts in the yard and busted a sidewalk.

Bottom line : It can be done -- just depends on how bad you want it.

73, Don K4BEV

P.S.  Although there is some danger involved, I never had even a hint of cave 
in while doing this. I always had a line tied to me and to a block about 15' 
from the hole, just in case. Having a lookout posted topside should be 

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