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[TowerTalk] Grips vs. clamps?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Grips vs. clamps?
From: (W0UN--Signal Hill Ranch)
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 11:39:52 -0600
Only word of caution is that Nicopress fittings are specified
for aircraft cable.  I once asked the company about using them
on 1x7 EHS guy strand and they said they would have to do
some testing.  This was 20 years ago and I haven't seen the
test results they sent me in many years, but the results
basically indicated that 1 fitting was never enough to meet
the tensile strength of the EHS.  Two fittings usually were enough
but not always, and that it took 3 Nicopress fittings to guarantee
that the EHS would fail before the fittings did.

--John  W0UN

> >There is yet another method:  Nicopress fittings.  They are
> >usually made of copper (but there are some made of other
> >metals) and crimped in place with a special tool (expensive
> >. . .).
>Nicopress fittings are used commonly on aircraft. Your local EAA chapter
>may have a crimper in its cache of tools.
>Nicropress fittings are equally as durable as grips when installed
>correctly. However, they are not removable. Bascially, you have to cut
>the cable to remove them.
>Grips, however, can be removed twice.

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