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[TowerTalk] gottta move the tri-ex lm354 from new york to rhode island

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Subject: [TowerTalk] gottta move the tri-ex lm354 from new york to rhode island
From: (Jim Spears)
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 21:13:33 -0400
hi gang

sure appreciate the info and hints regarding the tower base issue.  as soon
as I have the detailed plans I expect to talk with local fab shops to get
the base assembly fabbed up as the consensus is that I should stay as far
away from first call as I can.  I have confidence that the base can be

so the next step for me is to move the tower.  it has the erection fixture
so getting it down on the ground won't be hard.  will have ample labor on
the scene to get it off the ground onto a moving platform.  vehicle access
to the yard is not a problem.  if I can get a good approach to getting it
moving this way, then dealing with it when I get it home should be easier.

question:  what is the best way to haul it 200 miles?  it is about 22'
collapsed and about 1000 pounds.  first thought is a car haul trailer,
second thought is a boat trailer.  third thought is a truck of the type used
to retrieve broken cars with a tilt bed and winch.  another thought is a box
truck, uhaul has a 26' one that might allow it to fit in laying from left
front to right rear but is a high entry.

would appreciate hints and advice from those who have moved these kind of
things around.

I have a grand cherokee with class 4 hitch so should be able to tow any kind
of trailer that I come up with, if this is too small then I can use my
motorhome but I would prefer to keep it down to the cherokee.

thanks in advance.  having access to a lot of folks who have wrestled with
these problems comes in real handy!

jim spears
x AB6R (from the land of tight cc7r's and local restrictions...)

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