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[TowerTalk] New Source for Yagi Ubolts

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New Source for Yagi Ubolts
From: (Bill Coleman)
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 15:39:52 -0400
On 5/31/01 7:43 PM, David J. Windisch at wrote:

>It has been my experience, over the last 30 years, that the s/s I've used on
>antennas, subject to the magnet test, has not reacted with al antenna parts.
>It's still shiny-bright.  My 'control' s/s, not used in antennas because it
>was attracted, does have discoloration.   Should have mentioned that that
>'magnet test' came from the experience of chem-metallurgy types at
>Westinghouse in Baltimore.


Apparently you haven't followed the origin of W7NI's hardware.

Original Rohn Tower bolts are either hot-dip galvanized, or in the case 
of Rohn 25 bolts, plated. Now, the plated bolts/nuts don't last terribly 
long in the weather (depending on your conditions) because the plating 
isn't thick enough.

Using stainless isn't advised. Although stainless is certainly a lot more 
corrosion-resistant, it isn't nearly as strong as other steel. And 
strength is certainly a key consideration for tower-leg bolts.

Stan found out about this mechanical galvanizing, which appears to offer 
the protection level of hot-dip galvanizing with much greater uniformity. 
Some Rohn U-bolts have the same problem (plated, not galvanized), so Stan 
offers these as well.

This hardware offers better strength than stainless, along with the 
corrossion protection of hot-dip galvanization.

So much for puffery. I'm pleased that Stan is extending his line of 
mechanically galvanized hardware. I've bought some myself. I haven't 
weather-tested it yet (since my tower is sitting in my basement still).

Let's not be so quick to denigrate things that we don't understand.

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