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[TowerTalk] Roihn Guy Bracket GA25GD?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Roihn Guy Bracket GA25GD?
From: (Kurt Andress)
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 20:46:18 -0700
Richard Thorne wrote:
> Steve:
> Either will work, I've done it both ways.  I like the GA25GD attach method 
> though.  Much
> easier to attach the guys', and would be easier to remove if  the guy 
> locations on the
> tower needed to be changed. Not sure if it helps tower torqueing (rotation).
> If you can afford them, I'd get them.

I'd agree. 
The bracket reinforces the tower section by connecting all three legs together 
so the
entire tower section shares the guy loads, without the bracing welds to the legs
having to do that job. 
This bracket doesn't do anything for torque.

> Steve/n0tu wrote:
> > I see Rohn recommends their guy assembly (GA25GD) accessory for attaching
> > guys to the tower. How many folks are actually using these verses attaching
> > to a single leg?  Are these brackets the preferred approach amoungst TTers?
> > Since it meets the MFGers specs my guess is this is the way to go? Right?
> > Comments?
> >
> > Any chance someone have some they're not using? Please advise.
> >
> > FYI, my installation will be 40' (later may go to 60' max) of Rohn 25 w/7sq'
> > of antenna 2' above thurst bearing. 3-guy (4A) burried concrete anchors on
> > 50ft radius using 3/16" EHS. County wind rating is 85MPH (but I 've seen
> > 100MPH plus winds at my QTH!)
> >
> > Steve/n0tu
> >

Remember, the 85 Mph County rating is "the fastest mile (of wind)" speed, that 
it is the average speed for the passage of one mile of wind. You could easily 
see 100
Mph peak speeds simply be selecting the right averaging period. If you really 
want to
impress folks, pick a real short averaging time span, like .5 seconds, at some
location where the wind speeds will naturally peak around the structure, and it 
collect that big number, when it occurs.
What were the averaging parameters of the device used to read the 100 mph you 
saw? If
we know that, we can probably process it to find out what it means in fastest 
speed, might mean 75.

What any of us read on some gizmo probably won't change what it means to our 
design, unless we really understand what the gizmo is doing. The tower design is
usually following an established spec, and it's measurement of wind speed. 
That's why
all those folks did all that work to boil the problem down to something that 
would be
manageable and useful. This goes back to the recent discussion about the 
nature of load generation by the wind. I think KR7X, AA4LR, and K3NA did a nice 

We can either follow the published methods based on the previous work, or we 
can set
out to invent our own. 
Someone please warn me when we decide we're gonna do that. My wife says we got 
weeds that need pulling.

Everyone have fun this weekend, c some of you on the air.

73, Kurt, K7NV

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