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[TowerTalk] Horizontal loop and ladderline project

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Horizontal loop and ladderline project
From: Kevin Hemsley" < (Kevin Hemsley)
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 15:08:34 -0600
Brian/K3KO writes:

> Low dipoles are also cloud burners.  I suspect they will perform as
> well as this loop plus you can feed them with coax.  Burying 450 line
> is a bad idea.  Burying coax works and has no impact on loss.
> After fooling around with the loop for a while I suspect you will be
> back to the dipoles anyhow.  I hope the structures are far enough
> apart to permit this.

I failed to mention that I plan to use the loop for more than 160M.  One of
its uses on 80 and 160 will be for in-state communications, so a high
radiation angle is desirable.  My experience with other large horizontal
loops at this height have been very good.

Kevin Hemsley

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