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[TowerTalk] Buying equipment on eBay

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Buying equipment on eBay
From: Kevin Hemsley" < (Kevin Hemsley)
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 17:32:43 -0600
The post was intended as humor. I too have had good luck for the most part
on eBay.  I do agree with you about buying from amateurs who use their call
sign.  However, Caveat Emptor should always be remembered.

Kevin Hemsley

Henry Heidtmann N4VHK Wrote:

> Sorry you had a problem with ebay, Kevin. I have bought and sold over a
> dozen pieces of old and newer ham gear on ebay, and have never had a
> problem. In fact, the gear I bought was in surprisingly better condition
> than what I expected for the price paid.
> Of course, I like to limit my buying from hams only- and most hams use
> their callsign as their ebay name. To me its a sign of credobility.
> 73,
> Henry, N4VHK

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