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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 09:29:34 EDT
I recently completed putting up a stack of Tennadyne T6 log periodics on a 75 
foot Rohn tower.  The first antenna is on a rotor at 75 feet and the second 
antenna is at 42 feet fixed at 30 degrees towards EU.  I'd suggest this array 
to anyone who is concerned about having large antennas overhang in their 
neighbor's back yard yet would enjoy the power and flexibility of running a 
stack.  The antennas are only on 14 foot booms but play very well.  I use the 
WX0B Array Solutions stack match to phase them.  I'm not saying that this is 
a system for a real small lot, but lots that can support a 75 foot tower can 
fit these in without the antenna's boom being 1/2 over your neighbor's yard 
line....always a concern in suburban situations-     I have two sets of guys, 
one at 35 feet and the other at 65 feet.  They are tied to guy supports 52 
feet from the tower.  This makes the circumference of the system just over 
100 feet. 73  Paul  N0AH

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