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[TowerTalk] New House: Best Way To Route Feedlines

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New House: Best Way To Route Feedlines
From: (Eric Scace)
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 23:36:14 +0400
My comments:

1)  2" PVC is too small.  Get a large diameter sewer pipe (this can be in the 
order of 12" inside diameter).  Since you said the
tower is 3 feet from the house, you don't have to go far.

2)  Rather than running the PVC 4 feet below ground and then an elbow , just 
run the tube at a slant angle.

3)  Your contractor is correct to be concerned about leakage through the 
basement wall penetration.  I did run PVC pipe into my
basement -- BUT the pipe ran underneath the garage slab to the penetration 
point.  That mean there was no ground water anywhere near
the wall that was penetrated by the pipe.  The contractor's suggestion to punch 
through above the sill boards that sit on top of the
concrete block basement wall is a good one.

4)  Any pipe penetrating the wall of the house will be a conduit for cold air 
into the basement.  You can partially offset this by
stuffing the open end of the pipe with fiberglass insulation around the cables, 
but it will not be a good seal.

5)  Moist air from the house will also circulate into the pipe.  When the 
weather is cold outside, water will condense into the
pipe.  That water will be led into the house.  It is a small quantity (unless 
the pipe leaks!) but needs to be carried away to a
location where it won't do damage.

-- Eric K3NA

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