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Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 06:33:00 -0700

> I believe that most of the water (and you would be surprised how 
> much can 
> accumulate) will be from condensation. You cannot easily prevent 
> this 

Water will indeed accumulate and cause all kinds of problems
including a nasty mold!  Sometime after I installed a 200 foot run
of pipe I noticed an foul odor coming out of it at the shack end.
I tried plugging the pipe with some spongy foam to block the air
but that didn't help much.  Then I installed a Tee connector in the
pipe at each end and screened over the Tee part of it, orienting
the Tee to keep out rain.  I left the foam in the tube ends to
block outside air.  The Tees allowed fresh air to circulate in the
tube and the odor problem disappeared.

Charlie, N0TT
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