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[TowerTalk] Are_higher_HF_antenna's_really_better?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Are_higher_HF_antenna's_really_better?
From: (Eddy Avila)
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 04:02:34 +0000
Guys, this has definitely been one of the more interesting threads on 
towertalk I can remember! For me more an intellectual exercise than 
reality!! .....I mean, I've been chuckling all this time....being a ham of 
modest means I can only dream of a "real" tower higher than 40' -- my Force 
12 C3 sits atop a roof-mounted 9' tower which isn't much vertical clearance 
for the antenna but it stills makes it to Europe/Asia etc....when the bands 
are open, needless to say!!

Some day when my 6 numbers come up in the lottery I hope to have such a 
dilemma whether to put the yagi at 40', 90' or 160....or maybe a beam at 
each height......Y I K E S!!!

Good dxing to all.......

>From: David O Hachadorian <>

>On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 17:40:38 -0800 (PST) Michael Watts <>
> > If a lower antenna is better only in some small percentage of cases,
> > then it's not wise to advise
> > a one antenna guy to put the antenna lower.  There seems to be
> > substantial agreement that higher
> > antennas perform better a larger percentage of the time than lower
> > ones.  Is this not true?  If
> > you had only one antenna, would you put it lower or higher?
>If you have only one antenna you should definitely put it
>If you take a quick look at antenna patterns, you will see that
>the higher the antenna, the narrower the lobe.
>A low antenna (50' 20M) is 3 db down from a high antenna
>(90' 20) at the lowest angles.
>But, the high antenna will have a 30 dB null in the middle of prime
>arrival angles (90' 20M, 22 degrees). You will get KILLED much
>of the time.
>Which would you rather have, -3dB or -30dB?
>If you have only one antenna it should be less than:
>50' on 10M
>70' on 15M
>90' on 20M
>50' for a tribander during sunspot maxima. Minima 70'.
>Now some of this depends on what type of operating you do.
>Contesters have to work EVERYBODY, ALL THE TIME (ALL the
>DX'ers are happiest when they are the first to get through
>on some difficult propagation path (The lowest angles).
>The best answer is to download YTAD and figure it out for
>Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
>Yuma, AZ

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