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[TowerTalk] "Transformer Oil for Dummies"...Yes it has a yellow cover!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] "Transformer Oil for Dummies"...Yes it has a yellow cover!
From: (LEE R. WICAL)
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 04:02:10 -1000
Motor oil, popcorn oil, mineral oil, coconut oil, baby oil....ya ta ta ya
ta ta...ya ta ta!

        They say, there are NO stupid questions. ONLY stupid answers!
        Perhaps some newbies are ignorant of some facts. 

        However, most power company maintenance yards will give you a gallon of
transformer oil...Manawahi (FREE in Hawai'ian)! They do it to maintain
customer service with you, a customer. Write your CEO of the power company
or the Vice president on operations and offer to buy a little less that a
gallon or whatever, to be used by and for a dummy for your Amateur Radio

        It is used as a great transfer of heat submerged elements to cooling 
etc., it's used for it's flash point and it doesn't clog elements submerged
into it!

        Sir.....your motor, popcorn, you animal's indigestion or your baby are 
Your transformer oil isn't, nor is your submerged element(s)!
Let's kill this thread and start getting with the importance threads about
the effects of waxing ones antenna elements?
Good Luck,

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