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[TowerTalk] Hex Beam....was: Summary: Short Tower andClose Foundation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hex Beam....was: Summary: Short Tower andClose Foundation
From: (Joe Reisert)
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 17:41:13 -0500

Today we had an ice storm in good old New England.

My 40 meter Hex beam in its usual shape used to look like an inverted 
umbrella facing upwards.

Now it's a mass of wires and fiberglass poles facing downwards (like the 
umbrella that got caught in a gust of wind!) and shorting out my Hygain TH-11.

Too bad I can't send pictures via the InterNet yet. You wouldn't believe 
the mess!

Seems like the hex beam has the same problems that prevent us from using 
QUADS up here in New England. The tribander looks OK but the VSWR is now 
rather high from the wires shorting it out! Lets' hope it warms up. Looks 
like I'll have to make one of those "freezing your butt off" trips up the 
tower and remove the umbrella!


Joe, W1JR

>I've been a ham for roughly 10 years now, and one of the things I picked up
>real quick was to take antenna adds with a grain of salt.
>When this thread started the Hex Beam caught my attention, and I went to the
>web site and checked them out.  I'm actually still considering homebrewing
>one.  I wouldn't pay the asking price for them, even if I could afford it!
>As far as performance goes, someone else pointed out that these are a
>compromised 2 element yagi.  The look very similar to the X beam which is
>covered very well on L.B. Cebiks web page.  They may even be a "compromised"
>X beam.
>On the positive side, they would be very light and have a small foot print.
>Which is what I found interesting.  They should also be pretty cheap to
>If I could put up full sized yagis, or even a good tribander, I probably
>wouldn't consider these.  But I may yet try one.
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>Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Summary: Short Tower and Close Foundation
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> > I was at a hamfest where the HexBeam was being exhibited.  I listened,
> > several times, as the owner of the company (and I guess the inventer of
> > HexBeam . . .) was talking about it to potential buyers.  When there was a
> > break in the conversation, I asked about how it looks when modeled on the
> > computer.  All he could tell me is that, obviously, computer modeling is
> > inadequate to show the true performance of the HexBeam since it performs
> > much better than predicted by computer modeling.  I walked away from that
> > discussion with very little confidence in the HexBeam or its inventer . .
> > Without a far better explanation than that, I would never invest my
> > hard-earned money in one . . .
> >
> > Stan
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