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Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 01:09:31 EST
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> I purchased a gallon of Bright Zinc per TT recommendations.  The paint seems
>  to dry much harder then other zinc products I've tried and I think it will
>  work out well.  What is the best way to apply the paint to a tower?   Do I
>  use a brush or is there a mitt I can purchase somewhere?  

    A mitt is much easier for towers. <A 
is one vender.

>  The tower is
>  installed and it's about 6 months old   It's in a very corrosive 
>  and I need additional protection.

    The most important thing is to thoroughly prep the tower before you put 
the Bright Zinc on. You need to wash the whole thing with TSP (available at 
ANY hardware store) to get the grime off the tower - then apply the paint.

Steve     K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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