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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 11:00:49 -0600
I expect almost everyone on TowerTalk is familiar with 
the $2 'leather work glooves' found at most home supply stores.
I have several, all with various tears and holes in them.

W0UN suggested looking for some Pig Skin glooves
stating they hold up much better.

On my latest trip to Home Depot, I checked their gloove section
and the attendant recommended Goat Skin Glooves.

The tag on their Goat Skin Glooves reads:

"The natural lanolin produced by goatskin helps to
create the softest, most abrasion resistant leather".

Their chart on Tensile Strength (units unspecified), measured 
before and after 1600 abrasion cycles performed by TRI/environmental
using #80 grit sandpaper is as follows:

Leather         Before Abrasion         After Abrasion

Goatskin        208                     185

Pigskin         95                      56

Cowskin 99                      14

It's no wonder the low cost (cheap) cowskin glooves don't hold up!

I selected a pair of very soft Goatskin glooves priced at $6
vs. the Pigskin glooves priced at $10.  We'll see how well
they hold up.

Tom  N4KG

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