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doubt it, however , try your nearest greybar (preferred), ww grainger, or
electrical supply house, and ask about  "preforms",
" messenger" (read guy cable), they also have what are called "strand vises"
these , you apply with a grip, and chain, or cable hoist, until tight, then
1)with a strand vise, push the messenger thru the strand vise (this only
goes one way- in, NOT OUT!  or, similarly, with a PREFORM (kinds like a
chinese finger trap, or also comes in half turn on both ends, ) wrap around
messenger with one side, then wrap , interleaveing with the other side.
(wraps leave room open for the width of the second layer, makeing a tight
fit.  as info, jim nn7k
P.S.  both outfits should also carry "Patent anchors", 8 foot guy rods, with
a anchor plate, shipped about a foot highby foot around- to use, install in
a 6 foot deep hole, then use a tamp bar otr 2x4 to hit the top of this,
which will expand, and flatten the anchor to about 18-23 inchs in diameter.
these what phone, and power co use to provide their anchors (guys) for their
poles, ect.

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> Is there a such thing as Rohn turnbuckles or are they imported like most
> them that are sold at some of the major radio outlets? 73
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